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The upcoming program from Lars Lisboa is still not announced and we will publish as soon as we have all details confirmed. 

We are always open to arrange and host more Artist Critique sessions. If you are interested in discussing your projects feel warmly welcome to get in touch with us. 



Being artist run, we do not only want to show art, but also engage in the process of art making. With critique sessions, we aim to create an environment where artists gets the opportunity to show work in progress, finished works, or simply present an idea or a concept to converse about and to get feedback and critique on with fellow colleagues. 


These events has a limited capacity and participants sign up and hereby dedicate the hours set to the event. Likewise it is important that the artist provide the critique group essential background information/material to ensure an interesting and beneficial conversation. 


The critiques are held in various locations, most fitting to the artist who presents a work. It can be in the artist studio, in a living room, in the garden, etc. 



James Newitt (TS)



Tatiana Macedo (PT)

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