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Seje Sopa by Niels Munk Plum
28.10.22 - 06.11.22 
Rua de Santa Marta 88, Lisboa 
Ring the 2nd floor. 

During two weeks a score of events will establish a poetic form, not only through words but also through actions and meetings. The project exists as a series of happenings going into or outside of the apartment, and will manifest itself through physical works present, but also to people who turn up.


Planning meetings as an artistic gesture, reciting poems through process and movement, people and images. If art could host us and be that metaphysical soup, how would it end up after two weeks of brewing?  


Seja Sopa is a performance series consisting of 5 different acts. These performances have their base located in an apartment and will extend from the apartment out onto the surrounding streets in the neighbourhood of Marquês de Pombal. The audience is invited to attend and participate in either one, or all of the acts. 


Niels Munk Plum is a Danish visual artist working with installation, performance, text and movements as tools in his artistic practice. His art often evokes questions regarding the perception of an artwork, and how we as audience relate and encounter the work. By setting up his unique performative stages, often consisting of textile works, installation, bright colours, and playful drawings he guides and questions the spectator to rethink the expectations to a given situation, whether it is in an art context or in your daily life. The situation then turns into a stage for us to use our fantasy to cross material-, social-, or conventional borders. By working with an emphasis on the process, rather than of the finished work, the audience becomes part of creating, and of materialising what a work of art can be. 




ACT 1 Sieve the Set 28/10 20h 

ACT 2 Suppose a Shape 30/10 15h

ACT 3 Sync the Seems 02/11 18h

ACT 4 Supper Supreme 04/11 19h

ACT 5 Soup Pansies 06/11 15h


Niels Munk Plum (1992, Sønderborg DK) Lives and works between Copenhagen and Oslo. He is educated from Malmö Art Academy, and from Oslo National Academy of Arts. His work has been shown in various institutions and galleries across Scandinavia, and recent shows include  ‘I Call It Art’’ at The National Museum in Oslo, "BODY SPELLING" at PODIUM Oslo, DURA VIDA" at The Annual Exhibition at Malmö Art Academy, Malmö SE, Lyser Grønt Igen, Igen w. Anna Sofie Mathiasen at Springbrættet 6a, Copenhagen  and "SPONTAN RELIEF" at Atelier 2, Kunstnernes Hus Oslo. 

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